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Serving Our Nation’s Wounded Warriors & Their Families


For All of Us

Warriors Renewal Coalition’s mission is to serve Post 9/11 combat injured, or ill, service members, veterans and their families.  We provide a Florida Rest and Reset experience in a stress-free environment.







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Wounded Military Personnel Served

Wounded Military Personnel Family Members

Note of Thanks

Just wanted to send a note of thanks for the wonderful vacation we received to Florida in April. Every part of the trip was truly amazing and a little overwhelming. It is amazing how many volunteers you have and nice, caring, and helpful everyone is! We will never forget the great time we had or the people that we meet.

Thanks Again

Thanks again for everything you did for us. We had a WONDERFUL time!!! We are so grateful to have met such wonderful people as you. Thanks!

More Personal than a Vacation

My experience was more personal than a vacation. The staff was extraordinary, hospitable and caring. They saw to my every need and at the same time gave me space to recuperate. I would like to thank Mrs. Mary Hinton for making this trip possible. Since attending the vacation, I feel that I have changed in a positive way. Even my family has commented on this.

First Time I Could Relax

I want you to know much I enjoyed the trip to Florida with Mary Hinton, nothing can replace what they did for me. Since I been home that was the first time I really could relax. Each day was special and really there is no limit to what they will do for you. If you have any soldiers with tough problem please give them a chance to visit Mary program. I really have hope and it gave me the drive to want to lead my soldiers again.

The Kindness Shown

I consider them to be solider as well. As where we (the military) volunteer to defend this country for the sake of freedom. These people volunteer to amend the soldiers that defend the country. I consider it a sacrifice of the same multitude. A part of the soldier’s creed-says “Never Leave a Fallen Comrade” And that’s what this organization had done; Picked us up!! I would like for you to thanks EVERYONE for their kindness that was shown to us.

Amazing Time

We’ve been home a few days now but I’m still wishing we were still in Jupiter. Thank you very, very much for giving us such a gift. We had an amazing time. We experienced new things, made new friends, and have new memories. I know my husband was smiling down on us. He would have enjoyed all the activities too. Please don’t change a thing. Everything was perfect. Your big hearts and hard work will be remembered forever.

Life Changing

It was a blast! They made us feel so comfortable and at home. They even gave us the chance to reunite with my dad and family whom we haven’t seen in years! It was such a blessing! Mary, Sara and the crew took care of us very well, we didn’t have to lift a finger. Definitely relaxing and fun! Be sure to send any other Marines out there, it’s a life changing experience.

About Warriors Renewal Coalition

Empower, Support, & Heal

The mission of Warriors Renewal Coalition is to assist post 9/11 combat injured and ill service members and their families in their transition from military to civilian life or back to active duty by offering a “rest & reset” experience in Jupiter, Florida. 


After a service member is injured or becomes ill, it places a tremendous amount of stress on the family unit as a whole. The “Rest & Resets” provide an opportunity for the wounded warriors and their family to “Renew” and enjoy time together without the unrelenting issues caused by the warrior’s visible and invisible injuries.

We Are Different

Lodging, meals, entertainment, ground travel and even small amenities are the responsibility of Warriors Renewal Coalition and NOT on our military families. Unlike many other organizations, we do not require rigorous counseling as our goal is to provide our veterans with a stress free, relaxing environment where they can take a breath and exhale and reconnect with their families.  

Why We Help

Warrior’s Renewal Coalition evolved from and is guided by our enthusiasm and sense of gratitude for this country. We are so blessed as Americans and consider it a privilege to offer assistance to those who have given so much in the name of duty. We invite you to learn more about organization.


April 2023 Couple’s Rest & Reset

April 2023 Couple’s Rest & Reset

April 2023 Couple's Rest & Reset We had the honor of welcoming 3 combat injured veterans and their wonderful spouses to Jupiter, Florida. Our couples traveled from the Tampa area some of which are still in Active Duty. This group bonded instantly and enjoyed the...

Save The Date

Save The Date

Save The Date Join Us, Along With Our Local Top Chefs For An Evening In Support of our Nations Wounded Service Members & Their Families. For more information on ticket sales and sponsorship opportunities please call 561-781-0718 or email us at...

2022 Newsletter

2022 Newsletter

Please enjoy reading through our 2022 Newsletter. In 2022, we hosted 9 "Rest & Resets." We are looking forward to hosting more combat injured veterans and thier families in 2023. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on our most current...

Upcomming Events



Major Samuel “SWACQ” Griffith Memorial Golf Tournament 

The Annual Major Samuel “SWACQ” Griffith Memorial Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday, June 10th at the Abacoa Golf Club. This tournament was founded out of the love and compassion for our combat veterans, in memory of fallen hero, Sam Griffith. 



June 2023 Couple’s Rest & Reset

We are looking forward to hoting 4 military couples in June.



July 2023 Couple’s Rest & Reset

We are looking forward to hoting 4 military couples in July.

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Too frequently, our Wounded Warriors return from Iraq and Afghanistan and must spend months or even years at military hospitals and military rehabilitation centers throughout the country.

After a service member is injured or becomes ill, it places a tremendous amount of stress on the family, who find themselves thrust into the position of being caretakers. The family plays an integral part in helping the wounded service member to recover.

The “Resets” offered by Warriors Renewal Coalition provide an opportunity for the wounded warriors and their family to “Renew” and enjoy time together without the unrelenting issues caused by the warrior’s visible and invisible injuries.

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