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The Transition

Too frequently, our Combat Injured Veterans return home from Iraq and Afghanistan and must spend months or even years at military hospitals and military rehabilitation centers adjusting back into civilian life. After a service member is injured or becomes ill, it places a tremendous amount of stress on the family unit as a whole.  

The family plays an integral part in helping the wounded service member during this transition. The “Rest & Resets” offered by Warriors Renewal Coalition provide an opportunity for the wounded service member and their family to “Renew” and enjoy time together without the unrelenting issues caused by the warrior’s visible and invisible injuries.

Rest, Reset, Renewal 

Warriors Renewal Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, offers wounded service members an opportunity to renew their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing by providing time to reconnect in a relaxing environment where they can step away from the unrelenting issues caused by the warrior’s visible and invisible injuries to renew and reconnect with their loved ones.

All participants will be in shared housing with their own private room & bath. Our Rest & Resets are hosted at a beautiful home along the river with a pool, game lounge, kayak launch & dock for fishing. All meals are provided and hosted by local residents, businesses and organizations affiliated with Warriors Renewal Coalition. All ground transportation to and from activities is provided.

During their stay, participants may choose to participate in activities that have been planned for the weekend. These activities may include deep sea fishing, golfing, kayaking, shooting pool, boating and trips to local attractions. Many may also wish to just spend private time together; a day at the beach, or a day spent relaxing on our property by the river.

Couples Rest & Reset

The stressors of Combat Injuries weigh heavily upon military marriages. Our Couples Rest & Resets allow these couples the quality time needed to renew and reconnect with one another. We do not require rigorous counseling sessions, we simply provide our couples with a stress free relaxing environment so that they may focus on each other. Couples are also able to connect with other couples who have faced the same struggles, a reminder that they are never alone.

Veterans Rest & Reset

Many of our service members continue to wear their “camouflage” when they return home from combat. Each veteran has a story that has impacted their lives in so any ways. Our Veterans Only Rest & Resets, allow our veterans an opportunity to reconnect with their fellow brethren. Sometimes, the best type of therapy is sitting on the dock with a fishing pole in hand talking about their journeys.

Caregiver Rest & Reset

Our Caregivers of critically injured combat veterans often times are overlooked. The care, sacrifices and unconditional love is what holds a military family in place. These ladies are truly selfless. Our Caregiver Rest & Resets offer some much needed respite for these women who have dedicated their lives to caring for their veterans and families.  Our caregivers are able to connect with other caregivers and find that support needed to get them through their “battles on the Homefront.”

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May Gold Star Mothers Rest & Reset




June Veterans Rest & Reset


Are you a post 9/11 Combat Injured or Ill Service member interested in attending one of our Rest & Resets?

We currently have a waiting list for our R&R’s and as such have had to limit the acceptance of our participants to our referring partners. If you have a caseworker with any of the following (or a similar military) affiliation please have them submit a referral to us with your name, DD214, and a brief bio of your time in service along with any injures sustained in combat. Please include dates of service, branch, deployments, and injuries. Email us at [email protected].

The Wounded Warrior Battalion

The Wounded Warrior Transition Unit

The Semper Fi Fund

The Care Coalition

The Navy SEAL Foundation

The VA Poly Trauma Units

The VA Burn Units

FOCUS Foundation

The Yellow Ribbon Fund

The Steven Cohen Foundation


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