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The 45th Retreat for Renewal Coalition started with the arrival of a great group of wounded service members and their wives.

Our guests traveled from Missouri, Nevada, Tennessee and California. We are also very pleased that Sheri Oberhelman has joined us from the FOCUS Marine Foundation located in St. Louis, Missouri. FOCUS and Renewal Coalition have enjoyed a very good relationship for the past year and a half as we strive to assist as many wounded veterans as possible.
The American Auxiliary Unit 65 Delray Beach prepared a fabulous steak dinner with the financial help of the Nam Knights of America West Palm Beach chapter. Special thanks goes to the volunteers who helped serve dinner, clean the kitchen and bring wonderful homemade desserts. Our organization is so blessed to have the volunteers, contributors and sponsors who make it possible to fulfill our mission to assist our wounded service members and their families.


In spite of the cold weather, we had another great Retreat day at Renewal Coalition! Boating was replaced with a trip to the theater to see Finest Hour. The Fore family brought a fabulous brunch. Jona hosted a great Super Bowl party with every type of “football” food imagineable. Thank you so much for everyone who made yesterday such a special day. Our soldiers, Marines and their wives have really enjoyed their time with us.


All of our veterans and their wives are returning home today…..always a sad day at Renewal Coalition. Even with the cold weather, everyone was able to have a great time and reconnect as a couple in a relaxed and welcoming environment. We love everyone of them! We were so grateful to have Sheri, the Director of the FOCUS Marine Foundation join us from St Louis. Special thanks goes to our Board member, Dal Lund and his company, Freedom Boat Club for providing a great fishing experience. His Captain, Pat was a fabulous fishing guide! Also, we would like to thank DSS for sponsoring date night last night and Jim Taube at U-Tiki for hosting. Als always, the Jupiter Eagles prepared a wonderful breakfast. Our next Retreat will be in March and we are always in need of volunteers and sponsors. If you would like to help our wounded service members and their families, please call our office it 746-0190. Thank you to everyone for making our organization possible.