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Syndicated show will now air in 195 markets


The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States (VFW) is proud to announce its expanding support of the highly successful, syndicated television show Hiring America will provide more veterans than ever before access to the valuable workplace resources they need as they transition to civilian life or simply look to build their current careers.


Hosted by award-winning anchor and ABC correspondent Gigi Stone Woods, Hiring America is the first employment TV program for transitioning veterans and their families. Each episode connects veterans with several carefully selected U.S. companies with strong veteran hiring initiatives, offering real jobs and uniquely tailored job seeking advice.


The VFW first announced its support of Hiring America in early 2014 in light of major cuts to defense spending and plans of military downsizing. Originally airing with 13 episodes in 80 markets, Hiring America will now expand to 26 weeks of programing with availability in 195 markets, including American Forces Network which is seen around the world.


Currently airing in markets nationwide from New York and Philadelphia to Chicago and Los Angeles, click here to watch Hiring America in your local market.


More Information: VFW